March 28, 2012

the cheese plate.

the perfect cheese plate.
such a blog worthy subject. i could give up a lot of things in life, but cheese will never be one of them.
i have a huge obsession with wine and cheese, fruit and cheese, grains and cheese,
veggies and cheese, you get the point.
having a good amount of time at home, lots of studying, and time to make great food have lead me to whip up some great little cheese plates whenever possible.
little of this, some of that, and a few blocks of cheese.
a few of my favorite combos.
apple + aged cheddar.
dried apricots + gruyere
pecans + honey goat
avocado + herbed formage blanc
fig jam + brie
roasted red peppers + burrata
carmelized onion + stilton

i love cheese so much that i think my birthday dinner should be a gigantic cheese and wine party.
yep, thats gonna happen.
oh my gosh. im hungry now. 

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