April 1, 2012

no place i'd rather be.

sunday, happy sunday.
they are the greatest. 
since i'm still new to the city and making friends (like i'm in preschool again),
i have been doing things by myself to get out of the house and see the sights,
even if that includes taking myself out to lunch.
yes, yes i do that.
and i actually think is great.
don't get me wrong, some more san francisco friends would be great too,
but for now i am content with my mixture of group and solo outings.
today, i ventured to the fort mason area and the sunday morning farmers market in the marina.
i fell in love.
i think i'm a farmers market player.
love them all, spend time at all of them, and lust over a different one each day of the week.
as for the fort mason farmers market-
i'm crushing on their rotisserie chicken, ranunculus, and blood oranges.

hope you enjoy round two of iPhone pictures for this weekend.
have a happy and great sunday!

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