April 16, 2012

happy monday.

bringing it back (for today at least)
happy monday friends!

tax day is officially tomorrow for mom (cpa)- hooray for margaritas and homemade chip celebrations.

this early birthday gift from aunt jane that i am officially obsessed with- been drooling over it for a while now.

i get to see my b this weekend when he runs the slo marathon and we have a birthday date- such a stud.

wine tasting and picnicking this weekend in the edna valley with some of my girl loves to celebrate a few birthdays.

i absolutely love nursing- school is hard but i can't wait for the day.

my fun little additions to 'find me elsewhere' on the right hand side of my blog- check 'em out.

birthday plans, lunch outings, and giants games in my near future.

today i will study, paint, cook, study, work out, and then study some more.
sounds good to me.

what are you doing today to make it a happy monday?

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