December 11, 2012

diy: winter grain salads

a recent obsession of mine is israeli couscous + arugula.
after an outing with a sweet friends to a little communal table restaurant where we ordered a grain salad with these two little ingredients, i became obsessed.
i've been making little variations of the salad like no other.

1. make a batch of israeli couscous as
directed on the box and let cool
2. pick-up some arugula
(i prefer the wild, little version from tj's)
3. choose from the following combination
and add accordingly

israeli couscous and arugula...
cubed butternut squash + harissa + crumbled goat cheese + toasted pinenuts.
cucumber + heirloom tomato + feta + olive oil + lemon juice.
dried cranberries + slivered almonds + balsamic vinegar + shaved parmesan.
pecans + sundried tomatoes + crumbled goat cheese + olive oil.
mint + tart dried cherries + walnuts + orange juice.

a few hearty winter grain salad ideas.

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