December 10, 2012


what's your hobby?
is it the opposite of your day job or parallel with your line of work?
do you do it daily, weekly, monthly?
if you don't have one, do you want one?

i have a plethora of hobbies.
and i think the greatest thing about having lots of hobbies is that
there is always something to do, explore, see, or create.

i am fascinated by the human body, disease, health, and the psyche.
i enjoy painting, crafting, and creating art.
i would love to cook, bake, feed friends, and entertain everyday.
i love hiking, kayaking, and long walks.
i am intrigued by other cultures, travel, the outdoors, and people from different walks of life.
and i am always looking for ways to better myself and my relationships.

with all of these things, i try to find outlets to channel my interest
because i find great purpose in exercising all of my passions.
in efforts to help you find your hobby of choice, i have put together a little 'hobby helpers guide'.
a few hobbies that i really want to pursue more...
throwing pottery, reading, and finding my nitch in an a exercise program that i love.

let me know how you like this guide. hit on any new possible hobbies that you would like to take on?

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