December 3, 2012

holiday gift guides.

gift giving is one of my absolute favorite things.
i love christmas shopping and our family has always been invested in giving personalized gifts.
i come from a family of incredibly thoughtful people that have taught me the value of giving all year, small or big, 
just to say thank you, i'm sorry, hello, thinking of you, or in celebration. 
a great deal of that comes from the closeness of our extended family (aka we know ever little, tiny detail about everyone) too close for comfort? sometimes.

in the spirit of giving, i have linked up a few of my favorite gift guides.
still wondering what to get your friends and family?
check them out.

as much as i love giving purchased gifts, i am also a sucker for making a portion of my gifts too.
check back later on this week for a few little handmade gifts that i'll be giving this year.
happy giving!

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