August 23, 2010

all things material

alright, so to start it off, i am by far one of the most "un-instyle" people and have no say in what is cool and hipster but i can pretend i know what i am talking about every once in a while. so i actually compiled a few of my favorite "totally cute and fun parts of outfits that i like these days." and let me tell you, there gonna be all the rage next week (not).

"otk boots" as they are called these days.
'wanted dubai' from
ill admit that i already bought this... woops.
simple wrap leather watch,
okay i have these too, but i love them and "feminine detail" is apparently all the rave
'maine-iac mauve'... l-0-v-e!
'hive and honey'- green cluster necklace that i need, yea?
$8.00 from target!!!

okay well im sleepy and my uploader is quite slow.
but these are fun.

what are you liking these days?

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