August 6, 2010

home sweet home

im back in slo and loving the weather! missing BA and my new BA family very much but glad to see my family and friends! i will admit that i would go back in a heartbeat... i love that city and country sooo much!

reasons why i am loving being home...
-fruits and veggies. especially since our garden is FULL of ripe and beautiful goods!
-BRANDON!!! i love that guy!
-warm weather aka flip flops, beach, and outdoor time
-family and friend time
-clean air and green mountains... ahh san luis obispo
-my bed, car, and own room- luxury at its finest
-wednesday night farmers market dinners
-being able to wear clean clothes everyday
-holding my purse on my back and not worrying about theft
-quietness... ahhhh love

reasons why i am missing BA...
-my BA family and the fourth floor hangout
-pubcrawl nights and dancing all night
-old beautiful buildings
-waking up, picking a destination, and exploring that new part of the city
-casancreme, medialunas, cafe con leche, argentine steak, queso!!!
-never knowing what tomorrow will bring
-meeting the locals and taking taxis
-trying to speak spanish
-taking pictures
-finding little cafes and scoping out the local spots
-sleeping at the most random times of the day

and so much more but you get the idea. im going to put up the last assortment of pictures on today so head over and check them out!

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