August 20, 2010

slacker status

if its any consolation seven keys on my keyboard are broken and i can barely type. i know bad excuse... i got in bed last night, rolled over, sighed, and "c-r-a-p i didn't blog" popped out of my mouth.


well looking forward, here's what the weekend has in store:
::: a 2 and 3 mile run (training for the nike women's marathon see "october 17th)
::: brick laying in the almost done, super cool, chapel looking, beautiful greenhouse
::: date with the lover boy
::: send off of the parents to v-e-g-a-s for dad's 50th birthday... old geezer ha
::: bit of back to school bargain shopping
::: make a few veggie recipes and a camera strap cover for my baby "tamara the camera"
::: movie with the extended fam and maybe seeing the roomies if they are back in town

as for tomorrow... a much more exciting blog. we went to a wedding tonight and it was soooo fun and beautiful. its very much "blog worthy" and hopefully a few of my pictures came out well!

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