February 8, 2012

becoming cool.

for as long as i can remember, i have dreamed of wearing a stethoscope around my neck.
honestly, it is 'all that is cool' in my book.
it stands as a major symbol to me.
and it's just plain cool.
i have always envied the doctor that comes into starbucks with his around his neck 
and the nurse walking down the hall with hers wrapped around.
so, in a much needed break from studying cancer pathology and treatment pharmaceuticals today, 
i ordered my scope. 

yep, thats right folks...im gonna get to be 'that cool'.
she's seafoam green (for the little ones enjoyment) with a special pediatric bell.
i'm in love and i haven't even met her yet.

simulation skills check-offs start next week and we need our own,
so now i'll be good to go!
fun fact: starting maternity clinicals in may- oh dayummm. 

1 comment:

  1. That's so sweet! Good for you. It's amazing what the little things (or big things) can do to make us happy :)