February 29, 2012

leap year post.

random ramblings for wednesday, february 29th.

::: another 'fave find' that i will share with you later this week. an incredible art store right around the corner that some how finds its way into almost everything i do now... art class? bored at home? wishing i wasn't studying? blog inspiration? they all lead me to believe that i may need to make a few purchases and have an art day this weekend.

::: pathophysiology and pharmacology. you tricky devils you. i am quite positive that i have cumulatively made more flashcards in the past six weeks than over my whole life. too bad i aced your first test. boom roasted.

::: slight addiction to all things involving photosynthesis. succulents, herb pots, raised bed miniature garden via pinterest, hanging crate plants. i think 'sloat' did this to me and now all of a sudden i am only drawn to the apartments online that have garden/backyard access or large porches. maybe a trip to the 'japanese tea gardens' in golden gate park this weekend?

::: shots. (a year ago this would be a different kind) but for now, a painful amount of shots yesterday has me feeling yucky and achey (i guess last years kind does the same thing) but really, the kind with the needle. thanks for humbling me usf student clinic after i learned how cool it was to give them last week. officially grounded again.

::: shout out to my walnut girls, b, han, and the fam in slo. especially since you guys are the only ones reading this. miss you all and fyi you're awesome.

::: scrolled thru my entire blog the other day and was pleasantly surprised to be able to look back a year or two or three ago to see what i was up too. pretty cool embition, pretty cool.

::: remember how i told you i was getting off crutches, well not so much. still on them (super lame). yes, i am on week eight. but get to start physical therapy next week. hallelujah for movement.

::: an overwhelming amount of indulgences this past weekend served me well but has shot my motivation to do anything productive this week. thin mint girl scout cookies, instyle magazine purchase, girl dinner date, oscars cheese and wine night, farmers market veggie buys, and first experience with a cappuccino on a wonderful brunch outing (i love caffiene). studying doesn't quite compare when you put it next to those goodies. too bad emily, its time to study again.

happy leap year!

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