February 12, 2012


the last week was crazy.
first round of 'quizzes' proved to require a valiant amount of studying.
not joking, all-day-long study sessions for days at a time proved to be worth it,
but man-oh-man those teachers can sure write some HARD tests.

in between all of that studying,
i ventured out to catch a few new sites around the city,
and i feel like you'd like to hear about them...

::: kels- around the corner irish pub for drinks with the sf 'walnut crew' (can you say friends for life?)

::: chestnut st.- utoh, found chestnut street in the marina and loving all that it has to offer. strolled around the shops and grabbed dinner and drinks with mewy and friends. so many fun places to eat and shop.

::: buckshot- for happy hour with the whole class friday afternoon for a much needed 'celebratory/we got through this week' beer. shuffleboard, ski ball, and animal-head-filled walls.

::: chinese new year parade- forged through the already overcrowd chinatown to see the sights at the parade. so festive, so crowed, so fun.

on the map for this week:
excited for taco tuesday at the blue light with nursing girls.
hopefully, getting off of crutches- HOORAY!
homework and studying extra hard in anticipation for a slo walnut reunion.
home for the weekend and b will be in slo too!

thanks for listening friends!
have a great sunday!

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