February 20, 2012


slobound (verb): a facebook term used by cal poly alumni for status updates when venturing
back to san luis obispo for the weekend.
(synonyms for 'slobound' include: 'i wish i never had to leave slo', 'college was the best ever', 'i still party even though i am supposed to be a big, graduated person', 'i will be on marsh street this weekend between 10pm and 2am', 'slo is better than my hometown', and 'i will eat firestone, get breakfast burritos, see everyone that i graduated with at the bars, and eat taco bell at 1:30am")

never really got this facebook status memo until i moved up here and realized the crazy high that you get when you are driving on the 101 and almost to slo on a friday evening.
thanks nursing school for bringing me up here, letting me love the city, but allowing me to go to slo to have a great time. i now understand the thrill of 'slobounding'.
(roomies- love youuu!)
case and point, slo was great this weekend.
just the perfect amount of family and friends time before this nursing school steals my sleep and life for the next few weeks.

happy monday!

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