November 5, 2012

winter reading.

it's one of my new goals to read books more consistently.
i have a tendency to only read things that are assigned to me
and since i'm in the peak of school,
pleasure reading is few and far between.

here are a few that are on my list for my 6 week (yippee!!!) winter break!

if you have to cry, go outside- kelly cutrone (guilty pleasure)
the language of flowers- vanessa diffenbaugh (so many friends have suggested this one)
the immortal life of henrietta lacks- rebecca skloot (mom and classmate recommendation)
the spirit catches you and you fall down- ann faidman (top seller and professor recommended)

i want to start my personal 'library' just like my moms.
top five of all time?
do you have any suggestions?
please, do tell.

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