November 20, 2012


this is my mushy post about love.
you've been warned.
currently sitting in the boy's apartment-
girl all ready for her little worker to come home,
bikes all ready for an adventure,
dinner all ready to make, 
movie all ready to play,
dessert all ready to bake,
and couch all ready with blankets and pillows for a movie night in for the two of us.
don't worry, it's complete with fall comfort food (our favorite) and a christmas movie (my favorite).

i love you b and little stay-cations are the absolute best with you.
i am so proud of who you are and what you are becoming, 
but i am more humbled by your genuine love and strong family values. 

thanks for making me your girl, year after year.
happy holidays to the only guy (besides dad) that tolerates my obsession over christmas as much as you do.
you are the bestest!

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