November 29, 2012


gumption: (noun)
1. initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness
2. courage; spunk; guts
3. common sense; shrewdness

you can thank my favorite little, old movie character for this post-
mr. arthur abbott from 'the holiday'.

i never really heard this word being used before i watched the movie a few years ago-
immediately, i was attached to it and loved the idea that a 'leading lady' (in his terms) is always full of gumption.
a great reminder to truly be the leading lady of your own life and a push to tackle everyday with courage.
i want that little extra initiative, spunk, and shrewdness that makes my friends, family, and coworkers say...
'that emily, she's got gumption.'
a few of my personal favorite leading ladies with plenty of gumption-
eleanor roosevelt, ellen degeneres, meryl streep, michelle obama, jane addams, and mother teresa.

who comes to mind when you think of the word 'gumption'? any favorite leading ladies?
just a little thought for your thursday to challenge your 'normal'.
now get out there and make it a great day!


  1. Hillary Clinton is my lady with gumption! wooo!
    ps. this is great. Love it!

  2. alyson! yay- glad you enjoy it!