November 12, 2012

coffee-table books.

there are many things that i enjoy that could be considered quite weird for a 23-year-old.
one of those things is great, photographic books.
i like to call them 'coffee-table books'.
you know those ones that have some wording but mostly incredibly pictures with extra large stiff paper, simple design, and hard covers. they usually have to do with food, lifestyle, travel, art, or a very specific random thing that you didn't even know they made books about.
yea, i'm a sucker for those.

i have a secret stash at my home.
an old medical atlas, some super fancy cookbooks, and a few travel ones from places i've visited.
(23 going on 83)
none-the-less, i can't wait to have my own real coffee-table and reading room one day that i can display them out and shuffle through them from time to time.
here are a few that i am loving recently.
(they can all be found at chronicle books- one of the best bookstores in san francisco)

a particular mention to that top-left hand-side book called 'the power of the invisible sun',
i saw it in the store the other day and being the child-lover that i am, i fell in love.
watch the book trailer here.

can you say 'dear santa, i have been very good this year...'
happy coffee-table booking!

p.s. while i love these four, there is an extra special 'coffee-table book' on my christmas list. oh the suspense (stay tuned this week for a sneak peek)!

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