November 19, 2012

thirty days of thanks.

happy thanksgiving week!
in no particular order....
thirty things i am thankful for- one for each day of november.

(1) my dad
(2) my mom
(3) my sister
(4) my wonderful boyfriend, brandon
(5) the greatest girlfriends in the world
(6) good health
(7) the opportunity to be in nursing school
(8) my life in the city
(9) working at sfgh hospital
(10) being able to call slo 'my home'
(11) my supportive group of nursing girlfriends
(12) lattes and coffee shops
(13) my undergraduate experience
(14) weekend mornings
(15) san francisco adventures
(16) political freedoms and rights
(17) tube socks and warm feet
(18) having a close extended family
(19) our family garden
(20) summer backyard dinners
(21) nights out with my girls
(22) the holiday season at the palmer house
(23) forehead kisses from b
(24) home-cooked meals by the fireplace
(25) my craft supply stash and afternoon artsy times
(26) pedicures with magazines
(27) avila beach afternoons and morning walks
(28) my blog and you special readers
(29) nightly talks and weekend getaways with b
(30) and that in less than a year, i will be a nurse

what are you thankful for this thanksgiving season?

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