October 6, 2011

work it girl.

so i "work" here in santa monica.
and by work i mean nanny for a ten-week-old little boy in a fancy law firm for the nicest first time mom that still nurses and changes him.
so basically i am a paid grandmother that sits, snuggles, plays, and takes stroller walks.
mind you i have my own "office".
rainy view from the "the nanny" office (brentwood and santa monica). so rough.

yesterday was especially fabulous.
rainy, full office kitchen of teas and coffee, thai food, and a little snuggler.
i'll take it.

on another note, been getting my booty kicked daily at the gym.
"guts, butts, and thighs" is then devil.
barely can sit down on the toilet (over-share?).

have a great one!

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