October 23, 2011


from top to bottom, sunday is a great day.

growing up sunday was the day that we went to church, had a great big breakfast, gardened with dad, split a can of dr. pepper in the afternoon, had a fire in winter, made tea and popcorn, and mom was always cooking something that smelled great for the rest of the week. since then it has changed some but that same feeling still exists.

i know its also the laundry, homework, catch-up and recharge day. but you can't deny that staying in lounge wear, eating great food, and starting new isn't a great feeling, can you? case and point.

so sunday goes something like this.

awake late to a crisp morning where you can roll over and get those extra zzz's cause life can wait today. grab a cup of coffee from a real big mug that stays so hot and today you actually get to enjoy the smell of coffee in your house cause you don't have to rush to work or school (and if your me a little extra half and half goes in that cup on sunday, just for good measure). that cup of coffee is followed by a great breakfast, whether it be brunch with friends, homemade pancakes, or an incredible portuguese veggie and egg spread, it always delivers. of course a large food coma usually accompanies this bliss but none the less, it was delish and just what you needed (insert nap here if needed). the rest of the morning and early afternoon is filled with laundry, light cleaning, homework, and random catch-up stuff. a little adelle or david gray pandora is a must for these hours and tube socks are a necessity to ensure complete comfort. once the 'to-do' list has been completed it's cook-for-the-week-night and a little soup making and veggie roasting takes place. while you wait for that to finish, a couch corner and a magazine are your best friends. top that off with a bit of your fallish soup, chat with your compadres, and take an extra long shower. hit the hay early and monday will be a breeze.

yea, soak it up. enjoy your fall sunday, wherever it may be and don't forget the tube socks.

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