October 2, 2011

weekend recap.

friday evening:
the boy,
homemade bbq chicken pizza and salad,
a cold beer,
card games,
and some good ol' snuggling,
t-h-e b-e-s-t e-v-e-r.

saturday day:
switched teams for a day (sorry ucla undergrad),
went to the usc (grad school) side,
tailgated with great el paulo,
made new friends,
hung out at 'traditions' pub to watch the game,
got some tb (supremed it),
laughed lots.

saturday night:
missing the boy that i left 10 hours prior,
decided to go back to see him from usc,
(best decision ever),
watched movie,
ate quesadillas,
snuggled more,
so in love (mushy i know).

sunday morning:
homemade oats (so yum),
got my lower back pain evaluated by the pt himself,
he's such a smartie,
costco trip,
date lunch,
happy 'see you later alligator' and drove,
unpacked and settle back in,
hw and reading.

i just can't get enough of the boy.

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