October 27, 2011

story time.

alright, so halloween has always been a significant holiday in my life....

when i was young, vo and vavie (grandma and grandpa) use to get a bunch of refrigerator boxes and set up a crazy maze of darkness that you had to crawl on hands and knees in order to get into the house (already a childhood hit). inside you would find a gigantic spread of all things fatty, salty, sweet, and cheesy. let me tell you, i probably had about a twenty percent carotid blockage by age ten due to this awesome night. we usually made our costumes and vavie (grandma) was always decked in some over the top queen outfit with a megaphone was near by. after munching and peoples arrival, we would crawl back out of that sweet maze and hop into a boat mounted on a trailer that was pulled by a tractor (alright so we sound a little like jack and coke, dorito casserole rednecks that lived in a double wide- ill give you that). this lovely boat/tractor contraption would drive us down the tiny little evans road street where we would 'trick-or-treat' to approximately ten houses (don't hate because these houses got about ten trick-or-treaters so we go loads of candy). once back at home we would carefully divide and trade the goods and since i was never and still am not a big candy person, an occasional 'nerd' or lollipop was consumed. 

flash forward to seventh grade, where I (for the first time) got to go trick or treating in 'the arbors'- aka a middle schoolers dream of a halloween night community with so much pre-teen giggles and awkwardly provocative costumes- where i distinctly remember wearing a tight long sleeve t-shirt with a scoop neck (woah, go big em). it was 'like awesome and cool and i like saw everyone from school'. 

high school halloween was filled with coed hot tub/pool nights paired with thrown together outfits, overly eccentric make-up and staying up well into the night doing absolutely nothing (but having a great time, none-the-less). 

college came around and we all know what that means- scantily clad kitty and half naked gi-joe come out to play. while i may not have participated in those wardrobe choices, i have had some incredible halloween nights accompanied by my roommates, cheap costumes, the bf, booze, and dancing (sorry mom and dad). 

i say this all because i am headed home this weekend to celebrate halloween. last year's halloween outing proved to be one of my most memorable and fun nights of college- and im doing it again. woo woo!

happy early halloween! have fun and stay safe! talk to you next week!

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