October 12, 2011


alright, so this is a little out of left field and i know that i am jumping on this wagon a little late,
but im loving succulents.

maybe its because they are everywhere in LA?
maybe its because i experienced my first vertical succulent wall art- and fell in love? 
maybe its because i got one and now all i see are succulents- everywhere?
so here is my first succulent,
her name is 'hermione' and she resides next to my bed.
love her.
got her because i was inspired by these hanging ones on a little LA adventure that i took.
then went on pinterest- obviously- and found the most incredible ones on there.
(my pinterest has some to the right- red button:)

so the saga continues because i live with botany/biology nerds,
 and of course we had to look at the root systems and see how they hang that way.
this continued on and now i've been doing some investigating and as always,
all roads lead to 'sunset magazine' (my fave) where i found this.

doing it.

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