May 22, 2012

semester two.

we're off and running, 
actually sprinting to be more exact.
semester two.

here s a little glimpse of my next 12 weeks of school.

maternity clinical at john muir hospital in walnut creek: rotating through antepartum, postpartum (mother-baby), labor and delivery, NICU, and the well baby nursery.

community health clinical at a san francisco general hospital outpatient clinic: not solidified yet but i will be rotating through a health promotion unit at the hospital doing wellness assessment, disease maintenance, pre and post op assistance, head to toe exams, wound care, immunizations, patient education, procedure help, and whatever else they throw at me.

advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology: like i said before, death by patho/pharm. dr. lemos round two but advanced. hardest class ever. brace yourself.

health promotion: lecture to accompany maternity and community health looking at wellness across the lifespan as it related to primary and secondary prevention rather than disease and acute hospitalization.

instructional design and healthcare informatics: fancy for evidence based practice research with an emphasis in patient education, information literacy, cultural sensitivity, and professional leadership through the clinical nurse leader role.

oh and throw in there a few standardized nursing exams, clinical preceptor evaluations, skills tests for the hospital, and case manager new grad meetings.
there you have it.
judging by the first two days (med calc tests on day one- really?!)
you may not be seeing much of me on the blog but wanted to write this down because there are too many acronyms when i try to explain this on the phone to you fun people.

as for that week or so of no blogging, i was busy on my week break. wahoo.
hanging at home with the family and celebrating mothers day
shopping with mom and lunching with dad
pampering my poor little post patella fracture/sock wearing toes with a pedi
visiting the boy down south for some serious 'r and r' and delicious picnic dates
getting sunburnt and drinking beer at 3pm (like every good nurse does)
driving from northern to southern california and back (but its all worth it to see that cute boy)
enjoying a few little moments of extend family and friends time
trying to catch a breather before this big semester

hope your tuesday is treating you well!
enjoy your wednesday and i'll talk to you soon!

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