May 1, 2012

life lately.

iPhone pictures to fill you in on the non-studying time.
let's be honest, nothing is too exciting around here- just lots of studying:)

fabulous birthday gifts.
my beautiful new wrap watch, farmers market tote, and orchid.
in addition to lots of other great things!
 little strolls here and there to grab a coffee or groceries.
and a little sunday brunch and trip to the ferry building with a friend (al!) on sunday was a pleasant break.
 i heard nursing will drive you to drinking but so far nursing school has driven me to painting.
when you lay in bed and repeat the classification, brand name, trade name, indications, dosage, pharmacokinetics, side effects, adverse effects, special nursing consideration forty times over before you fall asleep, getting out of bed and getting your mind off of drugs (that sounds good- not) isn't such a bad idea.

i now have a little collection of 6x6 inch watercolors.
plus it's a fun little switch from pathophysiology and pharmacology.

nothing too fancy- just being a nursing student most of the time- and loving it!

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