May 10, 2012

embarrassing and awesome.

you know its finals week in nursing school when...

::: your highlighter actually runs out of ink, rather than disappearing or drying up after several years

:::  your most used iPhone apps are micromedx and facebook for classmate communication

:::  usb drives hang from your keychain with pride and a great deal of valuable documents

:::  coffee, string cheese, and tangerine cuties make up the majority of your diet

:::  all your normal clothes are clean and all your comfy clothes are in the hamper

:::  the best part of your week is free doughnuts from the nursing school on 'dead day'

:::  the last thing you searched on you phone was 'uretheral stricture'

:::  'it's only 11pm' gets thrown around often

:::  dinner combinations like cereal, carrots and ranch, and grapes seem appealing

::: you talk more about blood, bile, brains, and bowels than anything else

some think its embarrassing, but i totally think it's awesome.

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