May 7, 2012

moving along.

since the last post, not much has changed.
 i think i am still in comfy athletic clothes,
slightly wired on caffeine,
slowly crossing things of my 'to-do' list,

ventured out to noe valley today.
heard so many good things about their little bakery that i decided to treat myself.
like i've said before,
i seriously have a major obsession with this city.
some little snapshots of my outings.
let's be real though.
path/pharm, you may be the death of me.
12pm saturday, may 12th... come soon please.
and this is another little product from the weekend.
our global health project for the nursing poster symposium this week.

exhausted and few more things to check off the list.
good night folks (if you are reading this soon)
and if you are catching this on monday- have a great day!

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