August 26, 2013

walnuts take sf.

my social calendar was blowing up this past weekend.
brewfest by the bay, foreverland michael jackson tribute concert, brunches, and a delores park date provided for quite a fun weekend as the WALNUTS TOOK SF.
we celebrated the fifth annual luau in our tiny studio with $75 worth of classy decorations and costumes that quickly became the hit outfits for the bay area brewfest.
you would be surprised how much camera time and picture partners some leis and hula skirts will get you. 
never thought i was a total michael jackson groupie fan... until saturday night.
foreverland blew me away.
seriously BLOWN AWAY.
this 14-piece tribute band played at bimbos 365 club in the city and i am still sore/hoarse from the funness of abc123, beat it, man in the mirror, the way you make me feel, and thriller.
i cannot say enough good things about it. go.
and of course some quality picknicking at 'the beach' at delores park complete with carne asada burritos and a stop for the famous iced mint mojito iced coffee at philz. yum.
your weekly dose of all things unclothed, screaming, flirting, and high at the park.
gotta love san francisco.

so much love to all my walnuts here and there- this weekend was WAY too much fun.

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