July 17, 2013


sometimes i like to just sit down and paint.
sunday was one of those days.

we call her 'sunday imperfection.'
i really like her.
when i got done, i sat back and almost found my yogi self in her.

being able to have time for creativity is the greatest.
it's rare that i have those weekend hours to just have a cup of tea or iced coffee, stretch out in my comfies, and create a painting or art project.

someday i'm gonna take up ceramics.
i think i need to quit making that statement about the future and just take one already.
"emily, if you don't make time for something, you are not making it a priority." (repeat, repeat, repeat)

enjoy your wednesday my friends.
now let's both go out and try something that we've been wanting to do for a while.
ready, go.

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