July 15, 2013


in efforts to detoxify (and lets be honest- lose a few pounds) i am cleansing this week in a not-so-big way.

this coming weekend i will be heading down south for my future sister's (my boyfriends, brothers fiancé- sounds really distant but i feel like we are already family) bachelorette party. the thought of laying next to a bunch of super cute, skinny girls makes me cringe but i have been working hard in the gym, getting outdoors, eating my greens, and soaking up the sun to instill some confidence in my physical self. to bolster these measures, i am supercharging my health this week with a daily cleanse, yoga, and good ol' fashion extra healthy eating.

because i got a great deal at a local juicery, i will be supplementing some bought fresh pressed juices with my homemade smoothies and meals. green juice is the staple of the detox then meals are filled in with alkaline, dark green veggies, raw fruits, and wholesome fibers. hoping that this reenergizes me and 
helps me feel more comfortable when it comes to bikini time.
green juice ingredients:
1 cucumber
3 celery stalks
3 kale leaves
1 apple
1/3 c. parsley sprigs
1/2 lemon
feed all ingredients into a juicer and remove solids or blend all ingredients but substitute fresh pressed apple juice for the apple and add coconut water. 

happy cleansing!
(ps i'll let you know how i feel in the coming week!)

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