May 1, 2013


i know i have mentioned my slight obsession with the sf based 'chronicle books' before. and when i say slightly obsessed, i mean i can easily spend hours in there and someday i hope my book shelves and coffee tables are covered in their books. that kinda of 'slight.'

anyway, my parents came up to sf last weekend and spoiled, no treated me to several days of deep indulgence. we went to chronicle and i chose this little jem.

it's a sweet journal to document quotes with their author and date, in divided sections depending on their origin. and it has beautiful paper, lettering, and random quotes sprinkled throughout. needless-to-say, i am majorly in love with this quotey thing. (you know me and my love of quotes).

it will be a great substitution to my random pieces of paper shoved in a junky journal. 

happy quoting my loves!

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