May 10, 2013

news now.

the addition of a tv in close proximity to my bed has thoroughly propelled my love for news and fascination with keeping up to date on the happenings in medicine, community health, and unfortunately all the tragedies that are happening around the world right now
(kidnappings, bombings, foreign affairs, homicides- really world, really?).
a few of my favorite sources, in addition to television coverage and occasional newspaper pick-up.

the new yorker (fave source for lay-person medical articles)

cnn (iphone app)

the every girl ('in the know' series)

the new york times (duh)

and near and dear to my heart is this story {(1) & (2)}, making headline news in the bay area this week.
this sweet man was my very first patient as a student nurse.
he was a well loved, humble homeless man that was struck last year by a hit-and-run driver suffering a traumatic brain and spinal injury resulting in paralization and absence of speech.
the community in north beach and his family back home raised over seventeen-thousand dollars to airlift him with a nurse back home to be with his family during his recovery.

see there is a little hope out there.
happy friday friends!

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