May 6, 2013

pursuit of happiness.

on a daily basis here in the city,
(san francisco to be exact)
i find such happiness.

my career seems to be coming together,
my living situation is the best,
my opportunities seem endless,
my creative desires are being met,
my social tendencies are perfectly provided for,
and this city is the mecca of all that is fun for the twenty-something.
(the only really BIG thing missing is the boy. 
none-the-less, i continue to remain blissfully in love with him from 400 miles away.)

in my consistent pursuit of happiness and contentment, i have found three things that i absolutely love.
farmers marketing.
three simple, fairly inexpensive, and refreshing ways to celebrate the everyday.

i highly suggest adding these local adventures to your weekly routine.
what makes you the happiest everyday?

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