January 31, 2013

pedi nursing.

my most anticipated college course thus far is finally here.
i am seriously already in love and i haven't even spent a day in the hospital.
i am sure that you will be hearing lots from me about peds on this fine little embitions 
because it's my dream to work as a nurse in pediatric neurology.
pediatric icu, see you tomorrow.

we walked into orientation and our desks had these little surprises awaiting our arrival
(only in peds would your teacher give you stickers and blowfish toys for painful procedure distraction).
our first assignment was to create an art piece of one of our most vivid childhood memories and explain a bunch of developmental stuff on the back so i decided to paint 
'sunday afternoons comprised of splitting dr. pepper and gardening with dad'.
we studied pediatric med calculations, fluid dosing, and iv administration,
and i decided that even that is cuter when you know its for peds.
plus, i get to wear colored scrubs... omg.

i (heart) pediatric nursing so darn much.

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  1. You are speaking straight to my heart, girl!! I can't wait to share stories of our experiences over coffee (Black Horse, I hope??) :]

    Miss you!