January 28, 2013

life is good.

i know other bloggers struggle with portraying only the glamorous, cute, frilly side of life
but not me, not today.
i am fortunate.

life is good.
everything is falling into place and i am...

classes are great and challenging,
san francisco is seriously feeling like my second home and i love it,
b is a sweet as can be,
my family is awesome as always,
i need for nothing and want for very little in my spoiled little world,
nursing is the best and being in a neuro icu and pediatrics is even better,
jobs and connections seem to be falling into place,
my nursing girls and college besties are so hilarious and supportive,
and as of this week i may be a new renter in the cutest of city places.

life is good.
so very good.

don't get me wrong, we all have our struggles and down times but today is a happy, happy day.

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