January 21, 2013

dads garden girl.

i've been trying to earn/inherit my dads green thumb.
someday i want a garden with a greenhouse, straight rows, raised beds, grafting, and year-round you-pick for all my family and friends just like his. 
in efforts to learn the tricks of the trade and earn my stripes, i spent a good amount of time with him.
i also planted a sweet rosemary and spearmint pot for my apartment deck
(to roast with my veggies and put in my water, respectively).

i seriously love nurseries, dirt, fresh veggies, and sunny garden days at home.
nothing better than rosemary smelling hands, dirt between your toes, fresh carrots in your belly, and hose water to freeze your dirty hands.
and this my friends... is as green as it gets.
hello there little guy.

p.s. if you are my instagram friend you would have seen #dirtygirl #gardennerd under a few of these pictures.
sorry i'm not sorry about it

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