July 7, 2010


hello again! its been go-go-go for me these last two days and im so tired but i had to fill you in briefly because i leave for iguazu falls tomorrow night and i will not be able to blog until monday most likely. its 1:32am here and i know thats early for argentines but its still a little late for me so here is my quick synopsis of the past two days...

tuesday--- medialunas (sweet croissants) and cafe con leche have officially become my breakfast on this day, first real day of class, great teacher and fun conversational class, shopping and touring the congress and san telmo district, dinner with my new group of friends at puerto madera (the argentinean version of the wharf in san Francisco... so beautiful) dinner was a fancy, fancy traditional argentinean steak dinner, lots of vino, and dessert (yum flan), then to a bar on the waters edge with great company of my new friends... im slowly learning how to stay out, very slowly.

wednesday--- late wake up time due to the late night before, official breakfast at a local chain cafe that i loveeee and have been to three times now, class with my other teacher and she was so nice and patient, general volunteer orientation meeting- i will be volunteering with homeless, abused, and neglected children at an after school program in "la boca" the low income, impoverished district in town teaching english and art starting next monday, then wine tasting class focusing on white wines this week (reds, sparkling, oaks to follow), then to placio alsina for "after work"=happy hour in the states, for drinks dancing and some true argentinian culture (quite the beautiful, fancy, and incredible place with very "friendly" argentines)

all in all, i am having a fabulous time so far and have settled in well, now im working on blending in, experiencing more of the culture, exploring the city, and practicing my spanish!

i wish i cold go on but im exhausted. buenos noches mis amigos!

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