July 3, 2010

dia uno

bienvenidos a argentina! i successfully made it here after a 3.5 hour car ride, 2 hour flight delay due to weather on the runway, 15 hours of plane rides, and one taxi to my residence!

i live in the heart of the congreso district of buenos aires, within 5 blocks from my school, program office, and several large plaza squares. the city is old, bustling, and rich with culture. my apartment is beautiful, cozy, and fancy with a great roommate and one more moving in tomorrow (i think). most of the students living in the six stories of the apartments are argentinean, speaking little or no english (woo for learning spanish fast!) and the others are from my program or on independent study. we have kitchens, study rooms, sitting rooms, and bathrooms on all floors. fancy, right?

so far its been a catch up day... moving in, lunch, phone cards, grocery store trip, and a few naps. from what i understand thus far, these people can p-a-r-t-y south american style. i arrived here at the residence to find most people still asleep and as of tonight i have heard of about two hundred different plans for the time between 12am and 7am. as for me tonight, im thinking a movie with the roommate, baguette (2 pesos from the grocery store across the street... im gonna be hugeeee), and some zzzz's.

i promise to post pictures of my place and the local area around me tomorrow. i hear that the "usaians" are gathering for a 4th of july celebration tomorrow in some fashion. until then... have a great night/day/morning!

buenos noches from argentina!

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