July 4, 2010

dia dos

hola! today was so fun! my roommate and i did a walking tour of the recoleta district with our main destination being a huge artisan outdoor market in the grass plazas of the district. recoleta is known as the artsy, hippy, museum type location of buenos aires with a very creative aura... this was very much true. we walked around the market for sometime and then followed the "death, art, and shopping" tour, as lonely planet calles it, to take a walking tour around the district. it was all beautiful, but as every good traveler does once or twice, i forgot my camera battery in the charger! so annoying but i was still able to snap a few on my trusty iphone.

here are the highlights from the day:
- seeing evita's and all of the others famous graves and architecture. its a photographers dream and i think ill have to go back to snap a few with my camera.
- cafe con leche (sooo good) and napolitano style pizza pastry on a cute buenos aires street as a late afternoon lunch
- viewing van gogh, monet, manet, marisot, and rodin's paintings two feet away at the museo national de bellas artes!!! we were not expecting this at all. we randomly walked in it was so exciting, especially after finishing up my spring quarter with an art history class where i learned about them!
- volta ice cream shop- quite possibly the best "helado" i have tasted since italy. i think it may become my lunch on a daily basis (dulce de leche... yum, yum, yum)
- seeing the "floralis generica"- a gigantic metal flower in one of the cities beautiful parks that opens at sunrise and closes at dusk. were talking gigantic people... like 40ft or so with pistols and stamen lights (i think thats what the middle things are called- thanks montessori)
- having my new roommate move in this afternoon. were about on the same level spanish wise and well probably be in the same class. so fun! plus she has a great UK accent that i love!

as for the next few days- school starts tomorrow, possibly a tango show and dinner tuesday, and wednesday a dinner date with a few friends, mass at the catholic church, and watching the flower close and do its light show thing at dusk. thursday i leave for the fabulous iguazu falls! more to come on all of these things in the coming days!

goodnight and take a look at my gallery.mac.com/epalm25 if you get a chance... ill start posting asap!

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