May 23, 2010

today is beautiful

today, sunday, may 23rd has been a great day. heres a few of the reasons why...

.got to wake up without an alarm and go for a swim with my mewy (roomie). best of all i was done working out and ready to tackle the day by 10am.

.went back to the old coffee shop stomping grounds in PCV peets where i lived last year and had a fabulous iced soy latte.

.ive been watching every penny and today i got in on a good bargain. i "won" this liberty for london wallet on ebay. its originally fifteen dollars from target but i got it for thirteen and a few with shipping. horray!.
.took a trip to beverly's craft store and bought a canvas on sale for five dollars. what shall i paint?.

.splurged at world market for these "essentials". i love them so much and they are perfect for argentina! i only wish i was had some time to make these myself. next time.
aren't those the cutest little sunglass bag and jewelry holder that you've ever seen!?!
.mom and dad bought a baked brie with almonds and sun-dried tomatoes wrapped in buttery pastry dough over for dinner. heaven.

.now i am sitting in my great room, with a fancy new birthday candle that smells amazing, crafting a bit, drinking hot tea, and brandon is coming over to say a sweet goodnight!.

god sure blessed me! have a happy and productive week!

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  1. i follow your blog now... i check it all the time. i like i like i like : ) and i love you too!