May 17, 2010

kudos for dad

like i said in past posts i am a daddys girl. always have been, always will be. well this weekend my parents went down to la for the weekend for a james taylor and carol king concert at the hollywood bowl (a christmas present from yours truly- almost kept the tickets if were being honest). so it was my duty to watch my brothers and sister. wait? you only have a sister? well kinda, you see i have some furry siblings that in the eyes of my dad are about equal to hannah and i (well maybe not totally, but kinda). so i stayed at my parents house to take care of the dogs. while i was there i took out my baby, tamara the camera (canon eos rebel xs), and fooled around with the setting, lighting, and such to get a hang of it.

with that said... last post was about how my mom is the best so now this post is about how my dad is the best. i mean just check out the start of this years massive garden. whose excited for 96 pepper plants, acres of corn, 50 plus tomato plants, enough cucumbers and artichokes for california, and butter lettuce that melts in your mouth? ME!
can you say green thumb?

p.s. nice picture ehh?

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