May 18, 2010

mayday, mayday

you guessed it! its time for this mays monthly loves. ive been in "planning mode" big time recently for summer jobs, argentina, grad school, and anything else that i can schedule into a planner or make a to-do list out of, but here are a few things that i am finding pleasure in this month!

:::iguazu falls! i just got a bunch of buenos aires and argentina books in the mail and they have taken over my life. i am more than excited! i want to do everything... im not sleeping for the six weeks there i decided. but iguazu falls, really? i get to go there? i cannot wait!!!!!
courtesy of google... but pretty soon youll see a picture from yours truly!!! so its not completed by any means yet but i created/found out about making your own web page of pictures. i think it will be great for argentina for all of you that dont have facebook and ill be able to put up tons of pictures easily!

:::papersource blog. we all know that im a sucker for and all of its fabulously simple and beautiful products but little did i know that they have a blog with templates and everything! i pulled a little idea from them this past weekend when i needed a quick craft fix. its a coupon/gift certificate holder made from envelopes with my all time favorite matryoshka doll paper. thank you papersource, you feed my soul.

:::granada "the best thing that happened to slo" bistro. remember how i turned twenty-one the other day, well ive been getting some use out of my trusty ID and making an appearance atgranada bistro. its the tiniest, cutest, most european inspired, deliciously simple, little hole in the wall serving wine, beer, tapas, paninis, cupcakes, and the cutest cheese, fruit, and meat platters. i could sit in that little place for hours and thats just what i got to do earlier this week after my neuroanatomy midterm. thanks roomie mia for a great date!

:::organization finally! put together all of my magazine clippings of recipes, templates, craft tutorials, etc. in some binders this week. ahh i love a good cleansing feeling!
::: looking for inspiration- in need of some suggestions and im hoping for some comments to help me out.
-triathlon in september or october
-great non-profit in slo to volunteer with weekly
-fabulous book to read while i travel this summer

have a great rest of may!!! enjoy the last bits of spring!!!

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