August 26, 2012

successful failure.

have you ever heard of a 'successful failure'?
apollo 13 anyone?
well it seems that i may have the curse of successful failures recently.

the story goes something, like this...

plan: saturday giants game with abby and mia

problem 1: cheapest ticket after scalping and bargaining at the ticket booth... $40 for bleachers

problem 2: we are poor, recent grads so this is a no-go

idea: back to the marina to watch the game at a bar with abby's brother and friends

unexpected perfection: 10th annual union street bar crawl

momentary question: gay bar crawl? are we welcome with all of these people dressed as sailors and superheros? oh thats just the 'americas cup theme'. giants gear welcome too.

event education: $12, 6 bars, drink specials off the wazoo.

answer: union street bar crawl + giants game + massive nachos = yes please.
the rest is history.
but it may have included (and i quote) "huge pizza for 4-5 people" and six ranch dressings consumed 2.5 people (sorry mia). heaven in a pizza box.
happy 10th annual bar crawl.
it's the random, unexpected things that always seem to be the best.

(abby and mia- how happy are you that i already blogged this for you? - you're welcome)

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