July 25, 2012


there are two events that bring out the real american in me.

country concerts
the olympics.

i am a proud USAian and i love bringing out the red, white, and blue
but these two events get me chanting, wearing special outfits, and a whole slew of other themed shenanigans.
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you can bet your bottom dollar that if michael phelps eats subway with extra peperocinis and chipotle sauce with two bags of chips followed by a large slurpie and a bag of kale, i will too.
also, if there is a special on some 13 year old athlete, reflection on a race that happened years ago, or one of those programs that evaluates ryan lochtes hand position in his freestyle... i'll be watching it.
i'm such an olympian groupie. it's ridiculous.

the countdown begins- FRIDAY!!!
p.s. i heart bob costas.

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