December 13, 2009

style your sole

as i have previously "blogged" about, i am the campus representative for the cal poly for the TOMS campus club (aka i am the liaison between the TOMS shoe company and the cal poly/slo community). the company was founded on a simple principle..."for every pair of shoes that you purchase, TOMS will send a pair to a child in need." simply awesome, right? i could go on and on about the company and everything but instead ill just let you check it out, here!

anyways, in the beginning of december, the TOMS campus club at cal poly with the help of a few very helpful and diligent people (shout out to sarah, paula, morgan, jennifer, and megan), put on a "style your sole party"!!! this is a social gathering in which people preordered TOMS shoes and then came to our event where we provided tons of paints, crafting supplies, do-dads, etc. to create their very own pair of TOMS shoes. in addition we screened the TOMS documentary called "for tomorrow" which was a bit hit!

idea: order a pair of TOMS for your sister, aunt, girlfriend, nephew, whoever for christmas and a pair of shoes will be sent to a child in need!

(btw this is the pair that i decorated for my sister for christmas... shh!)

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