December 30, 2009

hwy 1 is for lovers

this year for christmas, brandon and i decided that we would continue our trend of going on a trip together rather than giving an item.
so this year it was cabin 65a in big sur!

we hiked, ate picnics, read books, sat by the fire and had hot cocoa and tea, went exploring all up and down hwy ones beautiful coastline, and ate a fabulous dinner overlooking the ocean. needless to say it was amazing and yet again am so lucky to be dating my bestest friend!
it was beautiful and full of everything "big sur"--- a man in a tye-dye shirt with a bandana gave us our keys to the cabin and threw up a peace sign as we drove off. amazing!

check me out! im getting a little artsy-fartsy when it comes to taking photos. go em!
don't you want your dentist and doctor to take up this style of "office"?
i certainly do!
big sur river hiking with my best friend.
i love you.
nepenthes restaurant for a romantic dinner.
tomato and goat cheese soup with garlic roasted homeade croutons... mmm delicious!

oh!!! and did i mention, this boy that i keep talking about got me a
mountain hardware jacket for christmas too!
he knows the way to my heart... food, the outdoors, and soft, comfy, warm fleece!

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