September 26, 2009

thats my green apt!

hello and welcome to my new adorable townhouse!
i just keep moving up and up and up as the years go by!
im sooo lucky:)
freshmen year... horrible triple dorm room
sophomore year... nice and clean sterile on-campus apartment
junior year... fabulous green townhouse
with that said, the past few weeks have been full of moving in, decorating, "christening" parties, hanging with the roomies, and starting the quarter. were about a mile from campus and four blocks from downtown slo (i know... crazy spoiled right?) so those 50 cent coffees at uptown espresso and those froyo runs have already added up! but its the life... let me tell you!
heres a little peek into my new quarters...
my study corner
favorite piece of artwork
towel rack, or multipurpose hanger?
mi cama
terrible picture (sorry) but this was a little craft project.
made a few little jewelry holders!

p.s. i live with the three best girls ever (haley, abby, and rachel)! and i would never forget my mewy (mia) thats away for the quarter in spain but back with us in january! and to top it all off we have a two car garage, our own bathrooms, customized beer pong table, amazingly comfortable couch and living room, and my very own craft and shoe nook!

love love love love!

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