September 27, 2009


over the past few months i have unproductively been collecting/buying random quarter or half-yards of fabric to use for.... uhhh a quilt? so thats what i have begun tonight! cut the squares out tonight, moving the sewing machine to my nook in the near future, sew it up, and then have some nice professional quilter do their thing and make it pretty! this is one of those first time things so ill keep you updated... and hopefully there will be a finish product!

ill be honest... the quilt is just an excuse to you my gerber daisy rotary cutter... who doesnt love them?!? and here is the tentative outline for the quilt... creepy but im thinking i might need to stow it away for the future to use as my babies first quilt to play on... awwww! dont worry mom and dad, ill be saving it for the next decade!
again, i apologize for picture quality. i take most of them on my trust iphone but its not the best at lighting and such!

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