June 2, 2009

Welcome to Front Street!

id like to consider myself as the angel on front st. lord only knows im not your graceful, angelic, little halo girl but in the sense of watching over and caring for i think ive got that down-pat. i come here in avila beach to front st. to watch over the world and enjoy the small pleasures in life!

front st. is my haven and my source of comfort, ideas, and plans. i get to do it all there... enjoy a big green mug full of some steaming foamy coffee drink with a side of fresh baked cinnamon roll or quiche, a stash of books and journals of plans, with those great colorful pens that we all know i love to organize, and hours and hours of ocean waves and yes say it.... time to think about all the things that i aspire to accomplish! exotic travels, fabulous recipes, suzy-homemaker crafts, outdoor adventures, and of course changing the world one third-world-country at a time!

im ambitious. i want to do it all, see it all, fix it all, learn it all, and die a happy, old, healthy woman. im as stubborn as it comes and i think that perseverance and an open mind is all you really need in life. ill be a hardworking daddys girl until the day i die and im driven by my passion to serve. anyways thats me in a nutshell. theyll be lots more to come but it is my intention to use this blog as a little record of a few passions, plans, and pleasure that i like to enjoy all from the inspirations that i get from my front st. mornings!

1 comment:

  1. wow emily you are cute.

    i think i shall follow your blog and pull some inspiration from it. :)