June 27, 2009

summertime jammin'

to set the stage, myself and this little hoodlum below aka jennifer (my adventurous hilarious and fabulous bff) have a rather large list of things to do this summer and so i find it fitting that we started off with a personal favorite of mine... berry picking! of course we all know that picking vegetables or fruits is much more fun when you do it at a community barn/farm rather than your dads own gigantic garden that everyone gawks over mostly because someone didnt tell you to "go pick those damn berries before they all get mushy!" so with that said we went on a little outting to avila valley barn to pick some olillaberrys!
we picked a bunch then realized that for about a dollar more we could grab a few more pre-picked baskets and call it a day... so we did. brought them home and jammed it up! it was my first experience making jam but when the recipe is "easy, no cook olillaberry jam" its pretty hard to go wrong. toast up a little whole wheat, seedy bread and toss on a little jam and butter and your good to goooo!
oh and if you want to try a jar, just holler!

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